Speed & Sport Inc

For the Installer:

  • Will outline the installation guidelines of our decals
  • The graphics are installed overtop the clear layer 
  • When painting the tank, shoot the primer, base and clear 
  • And allow to cure, 
  • Then wet sand the clear layer to a smooth finish 
  • reducing any orange peel in the process 
  • This will be the application surface. 
  • The tank MUST DRY FOR 24 HOURS before installing the graphics. 
  • Failure to do this may cause the decals to blister and or bubble 
  • Due to the chemicals evaporation under the decals. 
  • Once the tank is cured install the graphics onto the smooth clear layer 
  • Follow the procedures we show in the installation videos. 
  • After installation do not touch the inks because the fingerprints will remain. 
  • Use a tack cloth to prep for final clearcoat layers. 
  • Avoid contaminating the tank's surface. 
  • The clear mixes must be perfect or the inks will run during the clearing process . 
  • If the coat is too heavy and takes a long time to flash, the inks may run
  • The final clearcoat is the responsibility of the installer and the customer.